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ARTICLE I - Name and Organization

The name of this association is National Club Industry Association of America, hereinafter known as (NCIAA), who is designated an incorporated nonprofit & association created under the laws of the United States and the District of Columbia.

ARTICLE II - Intent and Purpose

It is the intent of NCIAA to become the official advocate and trade association of Professionals in the Nightlife & Club Industry, and to advocate the positive economic, social and cultural contributions of our industry.

NCIAA's mission is to represent, preserve, protect, educate, promote and provide the economic, social and cultural contributions that support a safe and vibrant nightlife & club industry community.

NCIAA consists of five or more members joined by mutual consent for the common, nonprofit purposes of educating and rendering assistance to fellow Professionals, providing an accessible source of information pertaining to the dance club and nightlife industry and the public; and recording and maintaining the history of the dance club and nightlife industry in the United States.

NCIAA may engage in any and all other charitable activities permitted to an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code or corresponding future provisions of the federal tax law. To these ends, NCIAA may do and engage in any and all lawful activities that may be incidental or reasonably necessary to any of these purposes, and it shall have and may exercise all other powers and authority now or hereafter conferred upon unincorporated nonprofit corporations in the District of Columbia.

ARTICLE III - Office and Duration

1. The office of NCIAA shall be located at such place as NCIAA may from time to time determine, or as the business of NCIAA may require.
2. The duration of NCIAA shall be perpetual.
3. The death, removal, or resignation of any member of NCIAA shall not result in the dissolution of NCIAA.

ARTICLE IV - Structure and Membership

NCIAA consists of individuals and groups dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the dance club and nightlife industry and related arts, through public education, training, and skill development. Membership is open to anyone wishing to render support, guidance and encouragement to individuals wishing to learn or enhance the dance club and nightlife industry and related skills and activities.

NCIAA is a purely voluntary organization, and membership in NCIAA becomes effective upon the payment of annual dues in an amount set by a quorum of then existing members of the organization.

NCIAA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religious affiliation, handicap, national origin, or other personal factor.

ARTICLE V - Association Leadership

NCIAA shall be overseen by the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. The management and affairs of the corporation shall be under the direction of the Executive Board of Directors, whose operations in governing the organization shall be defined by statute and by the organization's by-laws. The name and total number of other officer positions will be determined as the Executive Board requires, and changeable as circumstances necessitate.
One person will be designated as the NCIAA's agent in the home District, as needed, following state law requirements.

Two-thirds of the then-existing membership constitute a quorum of the NCIAA, but may be changeable as circumstances necessitate by the Executive Board of Directors and/or Chairman. Regional, State and Chapter Board of Directors and Executive Committees may be elected annually by nomination and by a majority vote of at least a quorum of the organization.

Activities shall be coordinated by Advisory Boards, Volunteer Member Committees and Research Groups and shall provide input for public relations activities and participate in events.

ARTICLE VI - Accounting and Records
The fiscal year of NCIAA shall be January 1 through December 31 of each year.

All minute books, correspondence, and other records of NCIAA shall be preserved by the Officers. Records that have ceased to be of use for the conduct of the affairs of NCIAA may be turned over for preservation to a depository designated by it, or discarded.


No member, officer or Director of this corporation shall be personally liable for the debts or obligations of this corporation of any nature whatsoever, nor shall any of the property of the members, officers or Directors be subject to the payment of the debts or obligations of this organization.


No member shall have any right, title, or interest in or to any property of the NCIAA.

ARTICLE VII - Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of NCIAA, its property, funds, and other assets shall be transferred to whatever organization or organizations operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and/or scientific purposes as NCIAA may determine, provided such organization or organizations qualify as tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have executed these Articles of Association on this 6th day of June, 1989.