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Agonistic festivities: urban nightlife scenes and the sociability of 'anti-social'fun

LM Garcia - Annals of Leisure Research, 2017 - Taylor & Francis   

[PDF] Estudios de caso: Nightlife in Switzerland

MA Berthet - La marcha nocturna:¿ Un rito exclusivamente …, 2016 -
39 days ago -  … culture. From a legal perspective, the mass development of the nightlife
industry in Switzerland is rooted in a tension which Talbot has described about the branch
in the UK using the concept of permissive capitalism. Indeed …

[PDF] Perspectiva comparada europea: Contrasting approaches in discourse

ER San Julián - La marcha nocturna:¿ Un rito exclusivamente …, 2016 -
39 days ago -  … This issue is mentioned only in Italy and Switzerland, and only from the viewpoint
of how the participation in social nightlife settings may contribute towards a professional and
vital development related with the nightlife industry itself; i. e., a life project that is perpetuated …

[BOOK] Sanitized Sex: Regulating Prostitution, Venereal Disease, and Intimacy in Occupied Japan, 1945-1952

R Kramm - 2017 -
115 days ago - Page 1. Sanitized Sex Kramm-Sanitized Sex.indd i Kramm-Sanitized
Sex.indd i 09/08/17 8:29 PM 09/08/17 8:29 PM Page 2. asia pacific modern Takashi
Fujitani, Series Editor 1. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Erotic Grotesque Nonsense …

Політика щодо наркотиків в Швеції та Нідерландах.

M Ciachla - Політичне життя, 2017 -
123 days ago -  … 1-2 – 2017 48 3. Supporting municipalities in their drug prevention policies 4.
Cooperating with events and nightlife industry 5. Cooperating with health sector professionals
6. Increase monitoring of the drugs market and provide warning in case of high risk dugs [1, s …

The Ibiza's Nightlife as a Bend from Marginalization to Tourism Centrality

HC i Miternique - Nature, Tourism and Ethnicity as Drivers of (De) …, 2018 - Springer
125 days ago -  … Combining all of the efforts of individual businessmen, the nightlife industry
is presented as an enormous entertainment platform with a volume of shows every night
(during the summer season) that is found in an international city …

An evaluation of the feasibility of setting up UniNights LTD, an integrated multi-platform mobile application, to select venue's and events in a designated area, that …

J Ward - 2017 -
130 days ago -  … Regarding current trends in technological advances in the nightlife industry, McGrath
details in the Mintel report (2016), states … which to move the nightlife industry forward and to make
more appealing to the demographic age group that is being targeted …

[PDF] Review of California Municipal Marijuana Business Taxation: Background, Case Studies, and Strategies for Adoption

J Harrison, K Miller, A Patterson, E Xu, S Gen - 2017 -
146 days ago -  … working for organizations focused on good public policy, labor union
representatives for the cannabis industry, individuals working in entertainment or nightlife
industry, SFDPH coordinator, and so forth (SFCSLTF, 2015, pp.5–6) …

Performance, power and condom use: reconceptualised masculinities amongst Western male sex tourists to Thailand

S Bishop, M Limmer - Culture, Health & Sexuality, 2017 - Taylor & Francis



P Kotiswaran - Revisiting the Law and Governance of Trafficking …, 2017 -
166 days ago -  … Conversely, Filipina hostesses in Tokyo's nightlife industry enter into contracts with
intermediaries in the Philip- pines in order to work in Japan on an entertainer visa knowing fully
well that some level of sexualized interaction is essential (weak coercion) …

[PDF] Documents… embody individual identity, making the individual visible to the state

A Filindra, K Sadiq - Newsletter of the American Political Science … -
171 days ago - Page 2. http://community. apsanet. org/migrationcitizenship/home 2 Letter
from the Co-Presidents Western states face a dilemma. They need, in varying proportions,
both cheap and high-skilled labor to enhance their economies …

[BOOK] Revisiting the Law and Governance of Trafficking, Forced Labor and Modern Slavery

P Kotiswaran - 2017 -
200 days ago - Page 1. CAMH RIDGE STUDIES IN LAW AND SOCIETY Revisiting the Law
and Governance of Trafficking, Forced Labor and Modern Slavery ED ITED BY P RA B

Organizing collective intimacy: an ethnography of New York City's clandestine sex clubs

E Meunier - 2016 -
to the Graduate School–New Brunswick Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey …

Plan de marketing 360° para posicionar la marca tavitos en la ciudad de Chiclayo en el año 2016

B Delgado, J Alexander - 2017 -
271 days ago -  … strategies developed by the variables studied in order to focus all their proposals,
effectively in a market where the competitiveness of nightlife industry is evident, because the
concentration of various clubs and especially the increasing demand of customers …

[PDF] The substance use, sexual behaviour and health needs of young tourists travelling to national and international holiday destinations

D Kelly - 2016 -
287 days ago -  … the nightlife behaviours of young tourists in holiday destinations (and later became
part of my PhD supervisory team). During this time, I worked part time in the city's nightlife industry,
as bar staff in pubs and nightclubs, a host and a party planner, gaining first-hand knowledge …
R Abdel-Fattah - 2017 -
6 days ago - Page 1. º, ILIE & IWMLERA || || | AMLTA & F || RA Islamophobia and Everyday
Multiculturalism in Australia RAND AABDEL - FAT TAH - Page 2. Islamophobia and everyday
multiculturalism in Australia This book explores Islamophobia …
M Hancock - Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture, 2017 -
20 days ago -  … The fact that it did not seem to bother anyone involved with the venue, nor the public
it served, perhaps also underscores that Lick flew under the radar of the mainstream nightclub
industry in Vancouver along with all of its attendant institutions, including the police and …
JM Moberg - 2017 -
53 days ago - Page 1. Master Degree Thesis in Management Department of Management, Chair
Management of Innovation Start-ups and Business Model Design A Multiple Case Study
Investigating Business Model Design in Swedish IT Start-ups Academic Year – 2016/2017 …
BC Gilbey, V Venugopalan - US Patent App. 15/264,906, 2016 - Google Patents
237 days ago -  … venue. BACKGROUND OF INVENTION; [0002]. The nightclub industry,
for example, faces unique issues in the areas of: (1) beverage ordering; (2) management
of payments; and; (3) delivery of paid orders to customers. [0006 …

 Pilot Study of Patron Sound Level Exposure in Loud Restaurants, Bars and Clubs in New York City

A Spira-Cohen, A Caffarelli, L Fung - Journal of Occupational and …, 2017 - Taylor & Francis
258 days ago -  … hearing problems later in life. Published research on excessive sound levels
in the restaurant and nightclub industry is relatively sparse, and, in general, noise risk
assessments are rare in this industry. In one recent study assessing …

  Escape, entitlement, and experience: liminoid motivators within commercial hospitality 

B Taheri, B Taheri, T Farrington… - International Journal …, 2017 -
PD Williams - Australian Journal of Politics & History, 2016 - Wiley Online Library
349 days ago -  … From 1 February 2017, a 1 am “lockout” begins in “Safe Night Out” precincts,
with casinos exempt. The laws face mandatory review by 2018; the nightclub industry
has threatened legal challenge (Courier Mail, 15 March 2016) …


Nightclubs in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

  • $ 965
  • Industry report
  • November 2016
  • by Ibisworld

Sober truth: Falling alcohol consumption should contribute to a drop in current-year revenueAbstractNightclubs in AustraliaOperators in the industry provide on-premises alcohol sales and entertainment, ...

Bars & Nightclubs in Canada - Industry Market Research Report

  • $ 825
  • Industry report
  • April 2017
  • by Ibisworld

On the rocks: Declining alcohol consumption and heightened regulation will limit growthBars & Nightclubs in CanadaOperators in the Bars and Nightclubs industry have struggled under the weight of a numbe ...

Bars & Nightclubs in the US - Industry Market Research Report

  • $ 1090
  • Industry report
  • September 2017
  • by Ibisworld

Popping bottles: Bars will introduce healthier upscale products to increase industry revenueAbstractBars & Nightclubs in the USWhile revenue growth experienced a small amount of volatility during the early ...

Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

  • $ 905
  • Industry report
  • July 2017
  • by Ibisworld

Sobering result: Revenue growth is under pressure from declining per capita alcohol consumptionAbstractPubs, Bars and Nightclubs in AustraliaIndustry operators sell alcoholic beverages for consumption ...

Nightclubs in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

  • $ 680
  • Industry report
  • August 2017
  • by Ibisworld

On the tiles: The industry is in poor shape as a result of competition and changing social trendsAbstractNightclubs in the UKThis industry covers licensed establishments that sell beverages for on-site ...

The 2018-2023 World Outlook for Pubs, Clubs, andNightclubs

  • $ 995
  • Industry report
  • April 2017
  • by ICON Group

This study covers the world outlook for pubs, clubs, and nightclubs across more than 190 countries.For each year reported, estimates are given for the latent demand, or potential industry earnings (P.I.E.), ...

Juice and Smoothie Bars in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

  • $ 965
  • Industry report
  • December 2016
  • by Ibisworld

A healthy boost: Revenue has increased as value-added ingredients have grown in popularityAbstractJuice and Smoothie Bars in AustraliaThe industry sells smoothies and freshly made juices. Industry products ...

Wine: In-depth Industry Report in Tunisia

  • $ 992
  • Industry report
  • July 2017
  • by Euromonitor International

A high percentage of young Tunisians frequent to lounges, bars and nightclubs on a regular basis.This new trend supported on-trade sales, which was hit by the fall in international tourists in the country. ...

Hotels and Resorts in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

  • $ 965
  • Industry report
  • September 2016
  • by Ibisworld

Making room: Rising international travel to Australia is expected to boost industry revenueAbstractHotels and Resorts in AustraliaThe industry includes hotels and resorts that have more than 15 rooms. ...

Catering Services in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

  • $ 965
  • Industry report
  • October 2016
  • by Ibisworld

Half-baked: Despite industry growth, small operators struggle with strong competitionAbstractCatering Services in AustraliaThe industry includes specialist caterers and food-service operators that primarily ...